High Flying Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is very often something to have fun with.

This editorial fashion piece started out as a self-assignment, was then developed as a full lay-out after mentioning the concept to the creative director.

Originally I was going to shoot someone jumping or tossing something up high and then freeze that moment of total weightlessness – a moment of happiness and grace. This quickly evolved into the concept of a fashion-photography assignment, putting the person and the fashion, “das Ding an Sich..” in a different space and sense of movement.

Logistically this was quite an involved project; location scouting, casting and coordinating talent and pulling wardrobe for them, hair -and make-up stylist etc., assemble a large trampoline on stage……

Being able to produce it as editorial photography allowed me to concentrate more on the creative concept, with the additional contacts and resources a magazine brings to bear – having the benefit of a very talented fashion-coordinator and some additional dedicated assistants doing all that needs additional doing.
Getting all this done was no small feat and most certainly I am in debt to all who did all the hard work behind the scenes, so I can take all the credit……..

One of the biggest items was getting the full and enthusiastic cooperation of the Asolo Theater people and the Sarasota Ballet, whose graceful dancers made it look so very effortless, and became the last piece of the puzzle making this a slam-dunk. They made something difficult and challenging look so very easy.
A big thanks again to all!

Catching the flow of the fabrics and and body movements of the dancers was all there was left to capture, delivering exactly what was pre-visualized.
The challenging part was somehow setting the right tone, phrasing the body in such a way it conveys that movement and then the freezing of it.
A state of grace.


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