Architectural Exteriors at dusk

Architectural photography’s a broad term, as a specialty it covers many area’s which in itself require different approaches.
What could be regarded pretty much straight-forward and uncomplicated, the architectural exterior, is in many ways a discipline in itself. Starting with the dusk exterior.

There is a way of looking at daylight in architectural photography; in short, “shoot early, shoot late”. Something happens during that period of late afternoon sunlight going to dusk. Long shadows in soft light, textures , warm colors, lots of drama.
A brief period of magic light.

Interior light become more visible, architectural details take on a life of their own.
These images show a variety of exteriors, covering residential, commercial and institutional architectural photography. Some pretty much straight forward, some a bit more cerebral.
But all, I hope, showing there is no “only one way” of doing it, just as much as there is no dusk that is ever alike.

Demonstrating the need to take each architectural assignment with a fresh approach, as no two locations are ever the same, and each has their own inherent characteristics, to be used, making it work and look at it’s best with the environment it “lives” in.
Pool building

The lake Club residence

Siesta Key Waterfront residence

Georgia Farmhouse

Bondai Rear


Jewfish Key residence


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